Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Learning the Skills for Huskie Expeditions

First question of the expedition is from Laura Edyveane from the Royal Academy for Deaf Education at Exeter.

Her question was what the temperature is like and have I seen any Polar Bears.

I haven't seen any bears yet and have been told that Iqaluit is not aa place for bears, however I expect to see lots of evidence further north and possibly be lucky enough to see one.

The temperature is pretty cold at the moment and always takes some time to get used to. At night its so cold that your breath will freeze on the sides of the inside of your tent. When I fly north in a few weeks to head out on my solo expedition I will expect colder temperatures as well!

Today was a fantantastic day learning to handle sled dogs. The bred here is a very old bred of dog which came across with the Inuit when they first came across from Asia, some 4,000 years ago.

In the 1960's Baffin sled dogs numbers were reduced as they Inuit people were moved into fixed communities. Today the Inuit prefer to use snow mobiles for hunting how eveer there is a big drive to save the bred and bring back dog teams.

Matty has taken her teams on expedition to the North Pole and her daughter Sarah and son Eric have also been involved with Will Stegers, Global Warming 101 expedition last year.

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