Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pressure Ice

I awoke this morning to the sound of the tide coming in. We are camped on the frozen sea next to Iqaluit, however the tidal range is a massive 42 feet making it the 2nd biggest in the world. As the tide changes so does the the sea ice, it buckles, twists and cracks as the sea comes in and out. The chorus of groans, snap cracks and deep booms is something else and very magical.

This movement of the sea ice makes Iqaluit the perfect training ground for teams heading out on polar adventures. Best of luck to Tyler Fish and John Huston who left us today to head off on their north pole bid. Their website is

Sea ice piles up into formidable fortifications which need to be traversed safely. Our pulks today were loaded up with 20kg bags of dog food to equal the weight of an expedition pulk. We then set out on the most challenging orienteering courses I have ever done, pulling our pulks behind us and over the icy barriers .

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