Thursday, 26 February 2009

Questions from Plymstock School

Reply to John Nash;

Hi John, good question on Inuit clothing. The Inuit have always lived off the land for their clothing as well as their food. Their Pakas (jackets) tend to be made out of Caribou. Their gloves and men's trousers are made from polar bear but only if your a good hunter. If not then dog hair can also be used. Boots are made from seal skin.

When white men started to appear then they also started to trade and make items from wool.

Hunting has always been a big part of the Inuit way of life and their traditional clothing represents that. Today items are still made traditionally but they also wear western cloths like you and I.

Josh Wood asked what I am most scared about?

That's a question I have asked myself often over the past 12 months. My biggest worry is if anything happened to my tent or my pulk (sledge). Life is pretty simple on this type of expedition, you carry everything you need for survival. Your tent (shelter), food and fuel and a means to carry it. If any of that fails or you lose it then your really in trouble, its as simple as that.

The environment your in needs to be respected and you need to do your homework and training before hand.

Its also a very beautiful place and I feel very fortunate to be visiting it. If you always took the safe option in life it could turn out to be very dull, I enjoy a challenge and to be able to follow my own path in life.

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