Sunday, 15 March 2009

How will it help?

Brian Perich from South Korea asked, "What are the long term benefits to the Inuit you visit, in terms of global exposure and how will it help?"

That is a very good question. The world is getting a smaller place in terms of how technology has made it. I can now send back my thoughts and reports from the luxury of my tent hundreds of miles away from the nearest computer or land line telephone. The satellite phone and pda has made it possible for information to be sent from remote parts of the world, to audiences from all over the world following an expedition. Last weeks figures indicated we have people reading this blog from all corners of the world, which is fantastic to know.

My expedition is also just one of a number of expeditions which are experiencing the Inuit way of life and how it is threatened by climate change. Expeditions such as;

Glenn Morris
Will Stegers
Mitsure Ohba
The Scandinavian
Rebecca Mcknight

This is just to name a few and all are engaged in educational projects in schools.

How does it benefit these isolated communities? By getting their stories out, by reporting credible eye witness accounts of the world around us, through educating young people around the world about the arctic and the challenges facing the people who live there, people like the Inuit.

Travel is a fantastic way to learn, through direct interaction with the world around us. Expeditions are a more remote example but with the aid of this technology, can help make a massive impact in the classroom. To educate and inspire all over the world, as well as here in the arctic.

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