Thursday, 12 March 2009

Transportation of the Inuit

With highly effective means of travel over sea ice and through open water, the Inuit quickly mastered the Canadian Arctic. The invention of the qamutik (dog sled) and umiak (women's boat) allowed them to cover great distances in search of game and to ferry large quantities of food and gear. The kayak, which was used to hunt game along the coasts in summer and at the sea ice edge in winter, however, was the cornerstone of the Inuit hunting economy.

Winter Camps

The ability to transport game vast distances by dog team and qamutik allowed most Inuit to build up food reserves and to remain in one place throughout the winter. Social activity increased during the winter, with games, religious festivities and ancient tales related in song and story, filling the social calendar. As the snow began to melt in exposed places, play, food preparation, equipment repair and other activities essential to life moved outdoors.

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