Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Swimming Leads

Today's morning activities before the team split, was to go swimming. I know what your thinking .. Swimming! At - 40'c, you must be mad. Nope, more training.

If you want to do a north pole then you need to expect to get wet. There is no land under the arctic ice shelve, its just frozen sea water. Sometimes the ice breaks apart as well as collides together. These breaks of open water are called Leads and will have to be crossed.

There two different ways of doing this. Either raft your pulks together and paddle across or to go for a swim and pull your pulk behind you.

This was amazing fun swimming in deep dark sea water and leopard crawling over slushy surface ice. The reason I like the arctic environment to travel and live in is because it really is an art. To be able to navigate by the sun, to read the weather and snow conditions. To learn what equipment works and in what conditions, to make sure your eating enough calories and of course knowing how to over come obstacles safely.

Swimming leads is another essential skill and experience to be gained.

A challenging, physical and mental day .. Video to come ...

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